Martia Nelson & Rincon


Mr. Big!

Thank you for being such an exuberant and wonderful Dog Dancing teacher!

Mr. Big,  Rat Terrier



Ginger I was surprised to learn that rushing at visitors as hard and fast as possible isn’t good manners.  Now I know how to greet people calmlyand to wait until after they come in.

Ginger,  Lab & Golden Retriever



I used to be scared of everything. I didn’t like any dogs coming near me.  But class has made me confidentand I love Rincon!. Class was fun.

Cayenne,  Doberman Pinscher






Thank you for helping me walk without pulling on the leash!

Max,  Cocker Spaniel



GabbyI used to pull on the leash and bark and growl at other dogs.  Now I don't pull, and I just nod hello to other dogs. Martia also explained to my family why I do things and what I am thinking.  We’re all a lot happier.
Gabby,  Tiny Toy Poodle


MollyMartia is my best pal. She knows dog-talk, and she knows what dogs like.  I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than hang out with Martia and Rincon.
Molly,  Labradoodle


SashaI learned that I can be super friendly without jumping on people.  Oh boy oh boy oh boy, I love hearing Good Girl when I sit.

 Sasha,  Golden Retriever



I'm only 3 months old, and I'm learning so much already, like biting the grandchildren is not a good way to play with them.

Coco, Brittany  

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I thought I was supposed to chase the cats! Now I know better, so I'm more polite.


—Rocco, Boxer







Hey, everybody, I can dance!! Who knew?!


Petra,  Lab & Golden Retriever




I love to dance! I love to dance!  I love to dance!

Deja,  Doberman Pinscher 


Class helped my relationship with my mom. Now we interact moreshe calls it "training", I call it FUN! And I don't bark at other dogs like I used to.

Sweetie Pie, Yorkie & Dachsund