Martia Nelson & Rincon





A must read for every dog lover with a funny bone!






Coco's Camper Capers


How I Went to Puppy Boot Camp

And Learned Not to Chew on the Boot!



Oh dear, how much trouble—and fun—can one puppy cause??


Read the hilarious TRUE adventures of Cocoa, a bouncy, bitey three-month-old Brittany at her first "away camp" with Martia and Rincon. Her diary will keep you on the edge of your seat. That is, if you don't fall off laughing!


  • Yikes, what happens when Coco meets the taunting cat?
  • Or when she bites her counselor's ears?
  • Or when she leaps into a wrestling match with a much bigger opponent?
  • And most importantly, will she ever learn the LEAVE IT command?



Read Coco's camp diary and find out!


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And there's more! You'll see positive dog training techniques in action and gain insight to a dog's learning process. By Coco's mistakes and triumphs you'll see how to elicit good manners and cooperation from the dog you love.


But, like Coco, you'll be having such a good time that you'll hardly know you're learning!


Adults and children alike will delight in little Coco's escapades.





This is a 35-page ebook. You will be able to download it in PDF within seconds after purchase. Get it now at the low introductory pricestart laughing and learning today!


  Who knew dog training could be so entertaining?



  Yes, I want my Coco's Camper Capers ebook now.

I can hardly wait to read her adventures!


Only $9.95




Rincon and Coco

So innocent!

A calm moment under the watchful eye of her camp counselor. There aren't many moments like these!