Martia Nelson & Rincon




MARTIA NELSON helps people make breakthroughs with their dogs

that solve problems and create a positive bond.



Martia uses reward based, positive reinforcement techniques. She intuitively recognizes people’s strengths and dogs’ needs, sees solutions, and communicates clearly and kindly. Her teaching style is supportive and fun.


In June 2007 ANIMAL PLANET asked Martia to audition to host a new dog training TV series! Two video clips on the homepage of this website are from that audition video.



Chloe -- Superhero in Training!Martia first discovered the joy of dog training through classes at Canine Companions for Independence, a Santa Rosa, CA organization that provides assistance dogs to people with disabilities.


Starting in 2002 Martia raised and trained two CCI puppies. Her first, Chloe, became an assistance dog for a boy in Florida. Her second, Rincon, had other plans (gotta’ dance!) and left the program to come home to Martia. Since then Martia and Rincon have become enthusiastic canine freestyle dancers and co-instructors in dance and obedience training.










"Coming Home: The Return to True Self" by Martia Nelson

In a parallel life, Martia is an author, speaker, and life and business coach for high-achieving women. For 27 years she has used her expertise to help people find their true self and life purpose, while creating ease, prosperity and balance in their lives. Martia's book Coming Home: The Return to True Self is praised by Deepak Chopra for giving spiritual insight to the personal and global challenges we face today



"Summer Garden" painting, copyright Martia Nelson 2103


Also a painter, Martia is the founder and director of Arts for Healing, a nonprofit project where she leads painting support groups for women coping with cancer.











RINCON is a Labrador/Golden Retriever cross who loves training, dancing, and foodin reverse order. He believes that having two left feet should keep no one from the joys of dance.


Rincon as a puppy


Born May 16, 2002, Rincon spent his puppyhood and adolescence in a training program at Canine Companions for Independence to become an assistance dog. Shortly before he turned two years old he left the program “to pursue other interests.” (They didn't have a dance program!) 





A strong advocate of volunteerism, Rincon volunteered for years as a therapy dog in Arts for Healing painting support groups for women coping with cancer. There his happy heart and cuddly nature had a healing influence.


Rincon on the job.


  In his abundant free time Rincon enjoys

  sitting on the hill in his back yard,


  playing with his favorite toys,

Rincon and the kitties
       and napping with his two kitty sisters.



And then, of course...

 ...there's his secret identity.