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Need to practice greetings at your front door? Want help getting your dog to Come when called or to stop chasing cars?  Have a tricky issue to solve?  Or just want your dog to be trained in the fasted, easiest way possible?


In private sessions you and your dog get Martia’s undivided attention to accelerate training and problem solving where you want it most. Tailored to your needs, these sessions are an enjoyable and effective way to create the outcomes you desire.


Dog training sessions are an investment in your relationship with your dog — and in the happiness and well-being of BOTH of you, It will pay big dividends for the rest of your years together.





Did you know that a dog who stresses you is probably stressed, too?


And that's not good for their health or well-being!


Dogs like things to be simple and clear. They want to know what behaviors are expected of them and how to please you. But they need clear instruction in a language they understand and rewards that are positive, motivating, and satisfying to them. 


If you think you're being clear with your dog, but your dog continues the unwanted behavior, you're probably being clear in human language but not in DOG language. Martia can show you the difference.


A well-trained dog is a happier, healthier dog. Let Martia show you how to get there faster. Then you'll have more time to do what you really want to do: Enjoy your dog!



In some cases, consultation by phone is all that's needed to improve dog training skills or to resolve dog behavior issues that have you stumped. Or perhaps you've already worked with Martia in person and just want a shorter "tune-up" session by phone to ask questions and get feedback on your progress.








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