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Sit, Stay, and Watch the fun video clips below.




Do you have a wonderful dog who is driving you a little nuts?


Perhaps jumping on people or rushing visitors at the front door? Pulling on leash? Barking or growling at other dogs? Nipping or playing too rough with children? Chasing the cat? Or not coming when you call?


Martia teaches dogs to LOVE doing the right thing!


You'll be surprised how easily your dog learns good manners and obedience skills with Martia's positive training. GET PRIVATE SESSIONS for the fastest, most thorough progress, tailored to exactly what you and your dog need. Martia's techniques are "All positive, all the time."


Well-behaved dogs are happier, healthier and less stressed.


With Martia's training you'll enjoy your dog more.

And people will see how special your dog is!




       Dog Dancing video: 1 minute



Dog Training & Dancing video: 6 minutes


In June 2007 ANIMAL PLANET asked Martia to audition as a host of a new dog training TV series! She didn’t get the gig, but she had fun. Video clips above are from the audition video. Enjoy!


If you prefer to view the videos in a larger, Windows Media Player format, go to VIDEOS.



If dog training doesn't make you and your dog THIS happy...



...we need to talk!